Describing Agile4HR


This is not a revolution.

This is not new age stuff.

This presumes that organisation’s culture constantly evolves according to people interactions also called Human relations.

This is not another collection of ideas picked from Laloux’s, Semler’s, Getz’s or other amazing Freed Company experiences.

This is a collection of reflexions, patterns emerging from both Agile Leaders and HR professionals from more than 10 countries.

From an Agile Perspective

During the last 15 years, Agile people thought that agile is only IT engineering related work and we discovered that we were wrong.

Then, a portion of agile people went to improve management regards delivering the most value as fast as possible through close relationship with organisation, customer and user until they reached the level where « agile mind-set » challenged hardly the old way of doing things: command-and-control, opacity, bad communication, disengaged users, stop-and-go, etc.… And we discovered that stressing a system stress its…

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