Ethic Sustainability and Governance !

Jérémie Rifkins peut nous inspirer d’autres modes de management….


Luxembourg-Sustainability-Forum-24-09-2015-247I was last Thursday at IMS Luxembourg event « the European Forum on Sustainability. »

Many panels The ones I followed speak about Sustainability for Digital, Territories, and Finance. And I was wondering: Don’t we need to add Sustainability to companies governance and operational processes? The operational practices of managers or the strategic vision of board directors are not already including Sustainability?

Different levels of implication has been shown.

For exemples: in Digital sector, fast change and connectivity at 3 levels, satellites, infrastructures, and devises are in action. In Finance sector, different economies are emerging in parallel,. Some of them are related to « human power»  and they are driving the changes.

Some trends will  be interesting to follow.

In all Europe, more reglementation and tools are developed to help start up, and new innovative business, but for bank transformations more flexibility is needed.

Lots of new interesting combined initiatives are…

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