Teamwork and team spirit

This is the Collab lab area.

Our vision about Project Management is to never give a “solo” performance. Each project, each consultation is the result of team work. We & Co is organized like a collaboration lab where people form our networks are systemically invited to collaborate when a risk of failure, low quality, blockings can emerge. This unconventional model is not an innovation, it’s a rough and pragmatic answer to get things done.

The collab lab area has a restricted assess for registered consultants. If you want to  have more information about it, contact us


We&Co collaborates closely with Wemanity by embracing the Agile Leadership of the company. Wemanity is a Service Company based in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Core business of the company are Digital, Connected Objects and Agile Transformation.
Pierre plays there the role of Corporate Head of Agile and supports a team of 14 coaches. This number will increase rapidly to 30 by the end of year 2014.
We&Co and Wemanity actual achievements:
  • improving Agile Coaching through masterclasses
  • Cloudwatt: company transformation on Full Agile
  • Argus Presse: supporting Program Management
  • Invivo: driving the Business Transformation
  • AXA Group: moderation of Global IT 5 years Roadmap workshop
  • 5 others Global Programs will be delivered until the end of 2014 through our collaboration
Collab Lab (limited access) go there

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