2012-11-13 12.12.11

PLöRK (play&work), leadership with the power of games

In a changing world, relations between people, management and leaders needs also to change.

Traditional approaches like top-down strategies, “do the same thing better”, “mandate and implement”, “do, do, do, do…”, “more is more”, are still accurate, but is it enough?

40’s – 80’s : Mass production, automation and commoditisation enables function control supported by Scientific Management (Taylor, Drucker).

80’s – 90’s: Mass customization  scalable and reliable technology, communication changed people behavior and fostered company to control of the information driving to System Thinking approach (Hammer, Senge, Kaplan, Nonaka).

2000: Mass collaboration, pervasive social computing and globalization are changing our habits on what we call “Sense Making” approach and the ability to “situate” as a network.

In 2012, companies need to be able to manage

  • business alignment with their distributed entities and their outsourced providers
  • increasing innovation speed in a global highly competitive market
  • increasing risks and lost of control
  • permanent change and high agility
  • people motivation, morale

“PLöRK enables fast decisions, fast learning, fast adoption by creating a safe boundary for tests… the game”

“The game is the excuse, the sequence of games and the rythm defines the level of immersion”.

“It is no more a game, it is a simulation.”


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