Scrum is an agile management framework coming form the Software Development Industry.

The key concepts of Scrum are:

  • Transparence
  • Inspection
  • Adaptation

This approach take into account both

  • economic: maximizing the value to the customer, risk reduction, respect of time/budget/scope
  • people: self organizing teams, stakeholders close collaboration

In a more pragmatic way, a Scrum Enterprise has no back office, the whole company is on the front. The result of this is as a customer of We & Co you still have direct access to decision makers and you still now where you are, where you are going and who is supporting you.

This is how we manage it:

  1. we deliver often and early because the result is the only metric to satisfy the customer
  2. our team check every Friday and collaboratively how they can improve the work done and how they can make it better.
  3. if some change emerges from the projet, this change is for free.
  4. Simplicity is our driver and communication our focus
  5. our management style is solution focused coaching in a servent-leadership manner.

To make this happen, We & Co follows these Advising Rules:

  1. Accentuate the positive
  2. Don’t emphasize the negative
  3. Always offer actionable helpful options

To be sure that our relationship with our customer is sane. We check those points during the mission with her/him:

  • how well does my advisor know me?
  • to what extend is my advisor commited to helping me and protecting me from harm?
  • have I agreed to the role my advisor will play in helping me?
  • is my advisor giving a solo performance?
  • has my advisor’s advice free of impunities of disloyalties and carelessness?
  • has my advisor given me an idea of how the advising relationship will end?

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